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Get Found Online | How Preferred Digital Solutions Can Help You

Get Found Online

This is the final post in our series about the 2023 Factors for Google Local Search. We will examine how Preferred Digital Solutions can help you with all seven factors in getting ranked higher in Google. Search results optimization can be done by you, but you need to ask yourself, do you have the time to run your business and add these additional tasks? You also need to ask yourself what is your time worth?

Our philosophy here Preferred Digital Solutions since the start has been to get you seen online. We are a full service agency, meaning, we can address each of the seven factors that go into getting you ranked and then some. We want to make sure that we address all the critical needs to get you found online.

You have made a large investment in your website. This investment needs to be leveraged to ensure that you grow and that your business makes you money. We have expertise in place to make sure that these tasks get done correctly and quickly. This in turn will help you grow faster when you have a professional service do it for you.

Get Found Online

Having your business found online today is more important than ever. If you are not found online, certainly your competition will be found instead of you.

91% of adults run some kind of search daily to find information, and half of them do it more than once a day. Most of these people are young and educated consumers, the kind of consumers that spend money.

46% of all searches target local content and these types of search have a higher average purchase rate than leads coming from other means.

93% of all local searches show up in the Google 3-Ppack. The 3-Pack is responsible for the vast majority of click throughs, meaning, they go through from Google search to your website and these are the people who tend to make buying indicators, such as calling your business or filling out your form online.

35% of searches are for products and services start with Google. These searchers tend to have a purchase made within five business days.

Get Found OnlineYou want to come back in the 3-Pack? You want to come back high on search results. You want people to find you online. This is a trend that is not stopping. We have the people and services in place to help you do this quickly and correctly.

Contact us so we can run a complementary report on your Google Business Profile and digital footprint and we can get started on helping you get found online.