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#7 Ranking Factor Google Local Search | Personalization


Today's blog we will discuss the seventh factor in the 2023 Ranking Factors for Google Local Search. The seventh and final factor that we're going to explore is the importance of Personalization, which comes in at 6%.

The next post is going to discuss how Preferred Digital Solutions can go about helping you increase your rank and address each of these seven factors. Let us start discussing the importance of personalization and how it drives local search.

Personalization - Definition

Search personalization refers to Google's ability to tailor search results to an individual. Google is looking at individual users and their unique characteristics such as location, language and previous search history. Businesses have the opportunity to utilize this to their advantage by looking at the search data and insight to create different variation of content for different audiences.

Personalization Factors Strategies

The way to improve personalization is the combination of two strategies.

Communicate to your ideal audience to increase sales and interaction and engagement with your site and the second strategy is tailor your content for use by the Google search algorithm. Target content for your particular keywords that your ideal audience tends to search on.

Other things you can do to help increase the level of personalization of your search engine optimization experience is to optimize your Google Business Profile page and have a number of citations and business listings set up and accurate. This will help ensure the near me results, hair salon near me, dentist near me. bookstore near me, whatever it may be. Having your Google Business Profile page optimized and having citations set up in a large quantity and accurate, will help ensure that you're coming back in the near me searches.

You will also want to optimize your website for SEO, including having your NAP, name, address and phone number, appear throughout your website. In a previous post I mentioned, I like to have my customers have the name, address and phone number in the footer so that it appears on every page and is automatically consistent to Google when it examines your code. You can also do keyword research prior to writing your website content to ensure that you are including keywords that your ideal audience searches upon.

Personalization Factor History

We need to examine personalization from a historical standpoint. Personalization continues and has been a small role in the formula that Google uses. I do not want you to ignore personalization, but you need to consider that you are limited in what you can do to control this factor. It is not something to bury yourself in time and effort, but incorporate the thoughts of personalization when you are doing research and when you are writing content and when you are designing your website, it will be very beneficial.

PersonalizationTreat this factor like a bonus 6% that you can contribute to the help you get ranked higher for search results with keywords that play to your ideal audience.

The importance of the personalization factor is the seventh factor and comes in at 6%. Our next post we are going to examine what we can do to help you raise all seven factors of the search algorithm to get you to come back highly in Google Local Search Ranking.

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